holyshitfreudvikings said: can you talk me through gryffindor vriska? I've always struggled between the two houses for her.


Vriska has some slytherin tendencies, but what puts you in a House appears to be some combination of “what do you want?” and “how will you go about getting it?”

What does Vriska want? To save the day. Loudly. Rules? Fuck ‘em, they get in the way of being a hero. and oh, what a hero. no one else on the Hogwarts grounds has the stones or to challenge her for Biggest Loudest Dickbag.

Glory WILL be hers. She will be the very best. she will win all of quidditch games, all of them. 

She’s brave, she’s brash, she fears almost nothing. She’s also dumb as a stump. She gets away with so much shit that she shouldn’t, and everyone just sort of lets her take the spotlight even when it makes no sense, because she’s a Gryffindor, and if you get in her way, she will kick you off the stage on her way to claim the trophy for Best Character Ever, and everyone will just sort of pretend it was an accident, even though they know it wasn’t.

she gets away with using the unfortivable curses on her friends and enemies to ensure her rise to power for way longer than she should have, because no one wants to believe such a shining star, and certainly no Gryffindor, would be a Death Eater.

and she’s not.

she plans to take Voldemort down, and she wants to do it singlehandedly.





…She always had been a curious girl. 

In sailor moon canon don’t babies come from the future?

just love this art!


Nearly all wolfpupy tweets are plausible as things Vriska Serket has said.


Please help me with Important Magical Girl RPG Research

I have to pick six values by which to define the characters in this RPG. Characters will have both a numerical rating for the value, indicating how strongly she feels about it, and also a descriptive phrase.

For example, she might have “Duty 6: I have a duty to protect those who can’t protect themselves” or “Belonging 10: You have to be true to yourself even if that means you have to go it alone.” (In the latter case, the character not only feels negatively about Belonging, but feels it very strongly.)

Please select one option from each line, based on which option you think will tell you more interesting/useful things about the magical girl in question.

  • Justice or Fairness
  • Fortitude or Sacrifice
  • Duty or Belonging
  • Gallantry or Mastery
  • Honesty or Truth
  • Bravery or Courage

Example answer: “Justice, Sacrifice, Duty, Mastery, Honesty, Courage”. Just list them up like that, or go into more detail in a reblog if you like.

And here’s a question-mark so tumblr will let you answer it?

not true! sometimes we write them down out of order.

not true! sometimes we write them down out of order.

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i don’t even go to this fandom, but i cracked up.

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these are the cute